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Enteric coating of ibuprofen tablets (200 mg) using an aqueous dispersion system

Rabia Bushra, Muhammad Harris Shoaib, Nousheen Aslam, Zafar Alam Mehmood, Durriya Hashmat


Ibuprofen is a propionic acid derivative that belongs to the class NSAIDs. Major adverse reactions associated with Ibuprofen are related to GIT and include peptic and mucosal ulcers, dyspepsia, severe gastric pain and bleeding, that results in excessive treatment failure. The goal of this study was to develop enteric coated ibuprofen tablets in order to avoid gastric mucosal irritation, diffusion of drug across mucosal lining and to let active ingredient be absorbed easily in small intestine. The formulation was developed and manufactured through the direct compression process, the simplest, easiest and most economical method of manufacturing. Enteric coating was done using an Opadry white subcoating and an aqueous coating dispersion of Acryl-Eze. Enteric coated formulation was subjected to disintegration and dissolution tests by placing in 0.1 M hydrochloric acid for 2 h and then 1 h in phosphate buffer with a pH of 6.8. About 0.04% of drug was released in the acidic phase and 99.05% in the basic medium. These results reflect that ibuprofen can be successfully enteric coated in order to prevent its release in the stomach and facilitate rapid release of the drug in the duodenum, due to the presence of superdisintegrant. Formulating this enteric coated tablets could increase patient compliance by decreasing adverse drug reactions (ADR S) associated with Ibuprofen therapy.


Ibuprofen^i1^sadverse reacti;Tablets^i1^senteric coating/aqueous dispersion sys;Acryl-Eze. Opadry White;Superdisintegrant

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/S1984-82502010000100011

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