Towards active seo (search engine optimization) 2.0

  • Charles-Victor Boutet South University Toulon-Var
  • Luc Quoniam South University Toulon-Var
Keywords: Active SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO 2.0, search engines


In the age of writable web, new skills and new practices are appearing. In an environment that allows everyone to communicate information globally, internet referencing (or SEO) is a strategic discipline that aims to generate visibility, internet traffic and a maximum exploitation of sites publications. Often misperceived as a fraud, SEO has evolved to be a facilitating tool for anyone who wishes to reference their website with search engines. In this article we show that it is possible to achieve the first rank in search results of keywords that are very competitive. We show methods that are quick, sustainable and legal; while applying the principles of active SEO 2.0. This article also clarifies some working functions of search engines, some advanced referencing techniques (that are completely ethical and legal) and we lay the foundations for an in depth reflection on the qualities and advantages of these techniques.


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Boutet, C.-V., & Quoniam, L. (2012). Towards active seo (search engine optimization) 2.0 . JISTEM - Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management (Online), 9(3), 443-458.