Internet: monitored freedom

  • Fernando Kuschnaroff Contreras Getulio Vargas Foundation
  • Fatima Bayma de Oliveira Getulio Vargas Foundation
  • Evelyn Souto Martins Getulio Vargas Foundation
Keywords: Internet, Organizational Structures, Control, Punishment


The Internet is a phenomenal research and information tool. It has entered the lives of people in an extremely fast way, offering a sense of freedom, and discoveries. This study presents the Internet usage in organizations, along with the use of equipment and information systems supplied by the employer and personal Internet usage at work. The subjects of the present research are businesspeople chosen among employees with a university degree in companies in the City of Curitiba, in the State of Paraná, with leading, managerial or operational occupations, with access to the Internet in their offices as well as at home. The study proposal consists of a critical analysis on the theme.


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Contreras, F., Oliveira, F., & Martins, E. (2012). Internet: monitored freedom . JISTEM - Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management (Online), 9(3), 459-472.